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Marketplace & In-game transactions
« on: November 26, 2017, 09:56:51 AM »
Hello everyone,

As of today, we have decided to allow players to sell new purchased items / giftcards from the marketplace to other players in-game for in-game currency. To do this, items can be purchases from the marketplace, but do not have the item delivered to yourself. It must go directly to the person who purchased it with in-game currency. Here's how this would work:

Player A is willing to spend $15 on the marketplace and wants to buy something for Player B. Player A purchases the item from the marketplace. Once the order is completed by Player A in the marketplace, Player B pays Player A with in-game currency. Player A uses the in-game
Code: [Select]
/mporder command and asks the CSR to deliver the order to Player B after informing them of the arrangement.

An example where this would not be allowed is:

Player A buys an item off the marketplace and requests a CSR to deliver the order to themselves. Player A receives the order, and then sells it to Player B for in-game currency.
Doing this may result in a permanent ban.

To make these transactions as secure as possible, we strongly recommend both parties screenshots the conversation!

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